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We taken an active role in the management of your Strata complex as we understand that the real value we can provide is to assist you in maintaining the asset value at optimum levels. While it is important to maintain levies at reasonable levels, the most significant financial benefit a good Strata Manager should provide to you is to ensure that your property is maintained in good order and condition so when it comes to sell your apartment the simple things don't cause your asset to be dragged down in value.

We can be involved in all phases and types of Strata developments:

Initial Period

The services we provide prior to Strata Plan registration include advisory services which include working alongside legal practitioners in preparing specific By Laws  for the complex. During initial period we prepare S109 certificates for facilitate a smooth sales process for the vendor and purchaser. We also very closely with all new owners, especially those new to Strata Living to ensure an harmonious and peaceful environment.

New Developments

We understand the importance of having your complex look the best. If you are a developer there is no more important time than when you selling the majority of units in a complex. We assist the developer keeping a constant eye out for the regular maintenance tradespeople to ensure that the complex is always looking in pristine condition during this important phase. We do this via regular onsite visits.

Small Blocks

Most Strata Managers will charge a significant premium to manage small blocks (under 6 units). This equates to something like double the normal fees. Our fees are the same whether you have 6 or 26 units. We don't financially penalise you just because you are small. 

Medium Sized

We provide services to medium sized blocks...

Large Blocks

Large blocks (over 100 units) normally have an onsite caretaker which significantly reduces the work of the Strata Manager. Our Management fees reflect this.

Part Strata Management

We also provide a part Strata Management model where you organise all the quotes and work orders for the tradespeople and we just pay the approved invoices. Just this alone will save you 25% of the standard Strata Management fee.